MWW, pl. Strzegomski 2a, 53-681 Wrocław, Poland
Ph. +48 71 356 42 57,
Mon. 10AM–6PM, Tue. closed, Wed.–Sun. 12AM–8PM
Concrete Wrocław. The collection of the Zachęta Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts Everysunday Family Workshops From Theocritus of Syracuse to Stanisław Dróżdż Stanisław Dróżdż “Concept-shapes”

On Monday, 23rd of October, 2017 the exhibition will be open from 10 AM until 3 PM. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The observed and the imagined – on the visual roots of human cognition Dice, Clouds, Molecules: Drawings by Jarosław Grulkowski I Don’t Want to Grow Up. Monika Łopacka Closer to Art. MWW for Seniors INTERACTIVE EXHIBITION — PIXELOSIS The door phone. Sound installation MWW’s permanent exhibition – Stanisław Dróżdż “Concept-shapes” MWW’s permanent exhibition — Jerzy Ludwiński Archive (Polski) ROZRUSZNIK BEZ BARIER TOURS AROUND MWW What does abstract art want from us? Where is the Contemporary Museum bunker situated and why is there a locomotive? SENIOR’S DAYS AT MWW .::::..::..::..::::…. text. Sensual integrative workshops BLOCKED. TIFF Festival // Resources Yulia Krivich. Daring & Youth / Holy-Art TIFFOpen+ #muzealniaki / Museum is not only for grown-ups!

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