MWW, pl. Strzegomski 2a, 53-681 Wrocław, Poland
Ph. +48 784 973 213,
Mon. 10AM–6PM, Tue. closed, Wed.–Sun. 12AM–8PM
MWW’s fourth birthday Every Sunday Family Workshops Last tour of the “Vot Ken you Mach?” exhibition Discussion panel: The Role of the Wrocław Contemporary Museum in Creating Symbolic Capital in the City MWW’S FOURTH BIRTHDAY – music scene Opening hours on 31th August (Monday)

We kindly inform that on 31th August (Monday) Wroclaw Contemporary Museum will be opened for visitors from 12 AM.

TIFF Festival 2015 // ROOTS & FRUITS Curator guided tour – Roots & Fruits Allegories of identity. Dorota Sitnik Unidentified Artistic Objects in the Age of Current Art Next Page »
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