MWW, pl. Strzegomski 2a, 53-681 Wrocław, Poland
Ph. +48 71 356 42 57,
Mon. 10AM–6PM, Tue. closed, Wed.–Sun. 12AM–8PM
Finissage of the exhibition “Fotografia Magazine 1953–1974”. Discussion “Ruins of Time. Conversations on Creativity”. Meeting concerning the book On Dice, Clouds, Molecules. Conversation with Jarosław Grulkowski A letter written over a lifetime. On Wanda Gołkowska’s practice How we opened Pandora’s box – Blocked Safe places. Dangerous states. The space of freedom CONVERSATIONS STIRRED BY PHOTOGRAPHS. Natalia Mikołajczuk Wrocław’s Independent Music Scene of the 1980s. Discussion Whose canon? Discussion about required reading The village in action. A field study report Love performance. Meeting with Zofia Krawiec Everything you wanted to know about the “Labor Relations” exhibition but were afraid to ask Community identities. vol. 3 Community identities. vol. 2 Community identities. vol. 1. PROLOGUE Slavery in the clothing industry, or on the real costs of fast fashion. Conversation with Marek Rabij Conversations by photographs. Meeting with Tomasz Grzyb WEAVING Ewa Zarzycka. Heyday. Q and A session with the Author I’m from here. CONVERSATIONS STIRRED BY PHOTOGRAPHS Living Beauty, Rethinking Art

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