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Exercises on the Spot – holiday workshops for teenagers 16.08.18–19.08.18

Exercises on the Spot is a series of workshops addressed to teenagers (13–17 years old), whose starting point (for working with the young audience without art viewing habits) is the untypical space of Wrocław Contemporary Museum. The workshop participants supervised by art mediator Natalia Gołubowska will revisit the The narratives about a shelter/concrete. The 2012 report will provide inspiration for performance and manual exercises at the intersection of body art, conceptualism and site-specific actions.
Exercises on the Spot – schedule of meetings

16.8.2018 (Thursday), 3–4.30 PM
subject: Towards the Entrance

17.8.2018 (Friday), 3–4.30 PM
subject: Lost and Found

18.8.2018, (Saturday), 12–1.30 PM
subject: Collection of Impressions

19.8.2018 (Sunday), 13–1.30 PM
subject: Hands in Concrete
16.8.2018 (Thursday), 3–4.30 PM

TOWARDS THE ENTRANCE – a performance-action. Using our own bodies, we are going to emphasise the uniqueness of the venue by redefining directions or merging with the interiors in order to discover the original function of the shelter. We will break the boundaries between space and the isolated viewer. Our action will be documented on camera; later, we will expose the photographs and examine the directions we have chosen.
17.8.2018 (Friday), 3–4.30 PM

LOST AND FOUND – the title of a work serves identification and order functions, but often it misleads the viewer (by suggesting wrong interpretations). Understanding the artist’s message is a complicated process that often requires a context and extensive knowledge. During the workshop we will use titles to find works lost in the museum, and then we will interpret them on the basis of our knowledge and experience. The obtained information will become the starting point for a simple artistic activity based on collage.
18.8.2018, (Saturday), 12–1.30 PM

COLLECTION OF IMPRESSIONS – the multidimensional aspect of the venue provides various stimuli. We will try to identify them while walking in the museum and using the sense of hearing, vision and touch. The museum collection, viewed from different perspectives, will be subject to untypical manipulations. We will feel both the overwhelming architectural form of the venue and a breath of fresh air on the last floor. Our sensations in the form of slogans will be placed on a special map, which will be used for a simple graphic activity inspired by Stanisław Dróżdż’s “concept-shapes,” one of which has been transferred onto the façade of the museum.
19.8.2018 (Sunday), 13–1.30 PM

HANDS IN CONCRETE – the raw form of concrete is the most characteristic feature of the seat of Wrocław Contemporary Museum. We will transfer its structure onto a sheet of paper using frottage, and the resulting appliqués will become the starting point for searching for our individuality. The exercise will be based on techniques such as an uncontrollable hand movement, multiplication or dermatoglyphics .

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Współczesne Wrocław

16–19 sierpnia 2018

Wiek uczestników:
13–17 lat

Wstęp bezpłatny

Ilość miejsc: 20

Zapisy na całą serię
(nie na pojedyncze warsztaty):
Contemporary Museum

16–19 August, 2018

Age of participants:
13–17 years old

Participation free of charge

Number of places: 20

Enrolment on the entire series
(not individual workshops):
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