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INTERACTIVE EXHIBITION — SPIRITS OF THE FOREST 09.12.17–31.12.18 otwarcie: 9.12.2017 godz. 16.00, poziom 2, wstęp bezpłatny opening: 9.12.2017 at 4 PM, 2nd floor, free entrance

Inside the forest there is beauty and mystery. This domain of wilderness, carefully avoided by people at night, inspires awe and fear. Tree trunks with eyes, whispering twigs, surprising shapes emerging from entangled greenery – all of them remind us that forests are inhabited not only by animals and plants. Bereginias, bogunkas or borutas are just some of the names of these beings, and there are many more… They may lead wanderers astray, cure people or rule wild creatures. These protectors of the forest used to feed on the ancient woodlands – the stronger the trees, the more powerful their guardians. Have forests been vanishing because of the weakening power of their tutelars, or perhaps the protectors have grown weak because forests are being destroyed?

The history of the forest exceeds human memory and its roots grow deeper in the common subconscious than we can imagine. Our forefathers worshipped spirits amongst trees, in magical places known as sacred groves. Their respect for nature allowed them to reach their ancestors, forest spirits and natural elements. Trees used to provide life, knowledge, shelter and power; they were worshipped and honoured.

Contemporary art is a kind of therapy for people living in cities. Outside urban settlements the same role is fulfilled by nature, which inspires awe, reverie, relaxes and soothes. The visual richness embedded in wildlife increases our sensitivity to aesthetics while inducing deep relaxation and attention, which may nevertheless be easily lost in the sensory overloaded urban environment. Now a forest has appeared inside the shelter so that you could summon your tutelary spirit that will become alive in the common subconscious as a symbolic manifestation of nature’s power.

Enter the forest, listen to its heart and meet its mysterious inhabitants.

Materiały do pobrania Download files # Dokumentacja fotograficzna wystawy. Fot. Patrycja Mastej, Jerzy Wypych © Muzeum Współczesne Wrocław, 2017 # Photo documentation of the exhibition. Photo by Patrycja Mastej, Jerzy Wypych © Wrocław Contemporary Museum, 2017 Published on:10.11.17 Share: Facebook, Twitter
Patrycja Mastej

Magdalena Skowrońska

Samoobsługowe Muzeum – przestrzeń interaktywna na II poziomie MWW jest dostępna dla wszystkich, bez ograniczeń wiekowych w godzinach otwarcia muzeum

Otwarciu wystawy interaktywnej towarzyszyć będzie leśna instalacja wykonana przez Food Think Tank

Tuż po wernisażu o godzinie 16.30 odbędą się warsztaty dla rodzin z dziećmi w wieku 4–9 lat tematycznie nawiązujące do nowo otwartej wystawy
Patrycja Mastej

Magdalena Skowrońska

The Self-service Museum – an interactive space on the 2nd floor of MWW is available to all visitors during the opening hours of the museum

The opening of the exhibition will be accompanied by the installation by collective Food Think Tank

At 4.30 PM, right after the opening, we are going to hold a workshop for families with children at the age of 4–9 years old, whose subject will refer to the newly opened exhibition
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