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INTERACTIVE EXHIBITION — PIXELOSIS 28.10.16–09.11.17 poziom 2, wstęp bzepłatny 2nd floor, free entrance

Pixelosis is the result of enlarging a digital image so much that it becomes blurred and cannot be fully grasped. Its smallest elements are pixels, which constitute a whole when arranged in a certain way.

Extreme close-up, which is what we experience in pixelosis, enables the viewer to get lost in the virtual potentiality of the image and rearrange its meaning anew.

The installation in the Self-service Museum is a total space, made up of a huge number of colourful elements – pixels that could be freely arranged. Combining selected pixels contributes to gradual emergence of shapes and meanings out of the apparent chaos.
Building an image from simple modules is a visual rule that fires up the imagination and encourages a creative attitude to reality in different people, irrespective of their age. These small recurring elements hide an almost infinite possibility of combinations.

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Patrycja Mastej

Magdalena Skowrońska

Samoobsługowe Muzeum - przestrzeń interaktywna na II poziomie MWW jest dostępna dla wszystkich, bez ograniczeń wiekowych w godzinach otwarcia muzeum.

Program realizowany ze środków Ministerstwa Kultury
i Dziedzictwa Narodowego
Author: Patrycja Mastej

Curator: Magdalena Skowrońska

The Self-service Museum - an interactive space on the 2nd floor of MWW is available to all visitors during the opening hours of the museum.

The programme is co-funded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage
il. Patrycja Mastej il. Patrycja Mastej
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