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Who are you keeping your fingers crossed for during the World Cup?
What influences your choice?
Do you apply the category of sport competition to everyday life?
How often does the opponent become an enemy?

The artistic activity with Piotr Bujak has been inspired by the increasing brutality of politics and the motto “Bread and circuses!” that is currently manifesting itself as the Football World Cup in Russia. The workshop will be devoted to the problem of smooth transformation of the category of opponent into the category of enemy. Together with the artist we will think what underlies the process, what its negative consequences are for individuals and society, and how cultural activism should react to this phenomenon. Since one of the prime reasons for aggression is fear, the idea for the workshop is based on a symbolic “imaginarium of fears” that is capable of affecting our perception of the world.

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Wstęp bezpłatny

Warsztaty przeznaczone są
dla młodzieży
w wieku licealnym (15–19 lat)

Obowiązują zapisy (do 17.08):

towarzyszące wystawie
Piotra Bujaka "Red is bad"
Participation free of charge

The workshop
is addressed
to secondary school students
(15–19 years old)

Prior enrolment necessary
(by 17.08):

The event accompanies
Piotr Bujak’s exhibition "Red is Bad"
Johan Cruyff i Roberto Perfumo – kapitanowie reprezentacji Holandii i Argentyny witają się przed meczem w Pucharze Świata FIFA 1974. Źródło: Wikimedia Commons Johan Cruyff and Roberto Perfumo – captains of the national teams of Holland and Argentina greeting each other before a match during FIFA World Cup 1974. Source: Wikimedia Commons
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