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What does abstract art want from us? 19.10.17 (czwartek), godz. 18:00, Beautiful Tube, wstęp bezpłatny (Thursday), 6PM, Beautiful Tube, admission free

By referring to different ideas from the field of philosophy and the humanities, the lecturer will encourage the listeners to reflect on whether abstract forms of artistic practice are connected with the practical, down-to-earth sphere of life (and other areas and products of human creativity), or if they possess meanings and qualities that pertain solely to themselves. Of importance will be a question about the extent to which culture, particularly the fine arts, makes us free or liberates us. We will ponder if, apart from expanding our outlook and aesthetic taste by triggering the imagination, abstract art, commonly thought to be detached from reality, is endowed with an emancipating potential that can be accessed through the hidden ethical and existential dimension. What does art say about ourselves? What kind of gesture or decision does it present? Who is its target audience? Does it appeal only to the taste of middle and upper classes? Last but not least, does engaged art and theory pose a threat to culture understood as an “autonomous, separate, irreducible power”, and what does “yielding to politics” (i.e. incorporating abstract forms in the game played on the socio-political scene) mean?

Kurator Projektów Społecznych Curator of Public Programme Bartek Lis Published on:6.10.17 Share: Facebook, Twitter
Wykład Piotra Jakuba Fereńskiego Lecture by Piotr Jakub Fereński Jarosław Grulkowski, Sekretne życie molekuł Jarosław Grulkowski, The Secret Live of Molecules
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