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Tony Cragg combines varied form, inclination to experiment and unfailing perfection. He used to repeat that “The future of sculpture has only just begun. Its potential is greater now than ever before and its possibilities are just starting. Its language and its forms are just beginning to evolve…”[1]. In the days when the notion of sculpture has been extended with ready-made objects, installations or virtual sculptures, Tony Cragg consistently promotes its classical understanding. In the face of modern science and technology, and the transformations which have happened in the practice and theory of art, he manages to advocate the significant role of sculpture and does not sound like a guardian of a dying tradition. He is regarded as a master of material. His works are made in bronze, stone, glass, ceramic, resins or wood; they delight with their organic form, dynamics of meandering shape, intriguing titles. They are situated between abstract art and figurative art.

Edited by: Eulalia Domanowska

Authors: Eulalia Domanowska, Dorota Monkiewicz, Jon Wood

Translation: Maria Apanowicz

Graphic design and typesetting: Paweł Osial

Editing and proofreading: Halina Gajewska, Monika Bartoszek

Cooperation: Cora Fassbender

Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko
Wrocław Contemporary Museum

ISBN: 978-83-63350-27-7

Cost: 80 PLN


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