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Eva Kotátková. Stages of Sleep 08.11.13–20.01.14 Piątek, godz.19.00, poziom IV Friday, 7 PM, level IV

Obsessive “aping” of behaviour, gestures and facial expressions of other people, which leads to losing one’s identity and identification with one’s own self.
A fish, which in search of rescue from predators’ teeth, changed its fins into wings as a result of evolution
and soared over sea waves. Dwellers of two opposing blocks of flats, who – although they have never met – always at the same time look at each other through windows and communicate without the use of words.
It is hard to find any rational interrelations between subsequent images that make up Eva Kotátková’s works. Their common narration operates with poetics of a surreal dream. Each one is a separate case study. Their subsequent developments connect with each other like in the rhizome theory.
How do animals understand our behaviours and how do they manage to communicate with us? What makes us trespass natural limitations of our bodies? These questions keep bothering Kotátková, who collects
and catalogues strange cases, intriguing stories
and ethically doubtful scientific experiments from previous decades.
She arranges unusual phenomena in collages
and multiple-elements installations, which consist
in quotations from popular science books, items resembling teaching aids, archive photos, graphical works and hand-made drawings.
The essential thought behind them is an attempt
to answer the question how an individual operates within a culturally-complex society and how
this coexistence affects his/her natural reflexes
and instincts.
In her multi-thread story we may find our own fascinations and obsessions, which seem inexplicable even to ourselves.

Kurator Curator Piotr Stasiowski Materiały do pobrania Download files # Dokumentacja fotograficzna wystawy. Fot. Małgorzata Kujda © Muzeum Współczesne Wrocław, 2013 # Photo documentation of the exhibition. Photo by Małgorzata Kujda © Wrocław Contemporary Museum, 2013 # Rozrusznik wystawy, tekst Magdalena Skowrońska, ilustracje Patrycja Mastej # Exhibition starter, text Magdalena Skowrońska, illustrations Patrycja Mastej Published on:16.10.13 Share: Facebook, Twitter
Eva Kotátková (ur. 1982, Praga CZ)

Studiowała na Akademii Sztuk Pięknych oraz Akademii Sztuk Stosowanych w Pradze, San Francisco Art Institute oraz Akademii Sztuk Pięknych w Wiedniu od 2002 do 2007 roku.
Obecnie doktorantka Akademii Sztuk Stosowanych (VSUP) w Pradze.

W 2007 zdobyła nagrodę dla młodych artystów imienia Jindricha Chalupeckiego jako najmłodsza laureatka w historii tego konkursu. W 2012 była finalistką prestiżowej nagrody Future Generation Art Prize Fundacji Victora Pinchuka oraz finalistką 45 International Art Prize przyznawaną przez Fundację Prinz Pierre de Monaco. Stypendystka ISCP artist residency w Nowym Yorku w 2008 oraz MuseumsQuartier w Wiedniu również w 2008.

Autorka licznych wystaw indywidualnych oraz uczestniczka zbiorowych. Ostatnio jej prace można było oglądać na wystawie Il Palazzo Enciclopedico na Biennale w Wenecji.

Partnerem wystawy jest Czeskie Centrum, Warszawa.
Eva Kotátková (born 1982 in Prague, Czech Republic)

She studied at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts, Prague Academy of Applied Arts, San Francisco Art Institute and Akademie Bildende Kunst Wien from 2002-2007. Currently a PhD candidate at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design (VSUP) in Prague.

In 2007 she became the youngest artist ever to be awarded the Jindrich Chalupecky Award for young artists. In 2012 she was a finalist of the prestigious Future Generation Art Prize by Victora Pinchuk Foundation and the finalist of the 45th International Art Prize awarded by Prinz Pierre de Monaco Foundation. She was a grant-holder of the ISCP artist residency in New York in 2008, as well as MuseumsQuartier in Vienna also in 2008.

Eva has authored numerous solo exhibitions and participated in many group ones. Recently, her works were presented among others at the exhibition in Il Palazzo Enciclopedico at the Venice Biennale.

The Czech Centre in Warsaw is the Partner of this exhibition.
Fazy snu Stages of sleep Fazy snu Stages of sleep Fazy snu Stages of sleep
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