A piece for three streets in Wrocław indicated in the score of Matěj Frank:
Bytomska – Świnoujska – Czesława Klimasa.
Repeat these actions for each one of the three streets.
Go to one of the street crossroads and:

— Notice a sound that persist, resist, and write it down in a notebook.

— Take a picture of a detail that does not shows the totality of the landscape.

— Read or recite – with an audible, easy voice – a verse, a phrase or a word that would go away with the breeze.

— Linger for awhile – be there. Leave when you feel it is enough.

PS. After completing the “trio”, please share the documentation of the event them with someone, publicly or privately. You can share it with the author at: triosinwroclaw@gmail.com.
Maximiliano Bober (b. 1988) – Argentinian musician and composer. He studied violin, composition and philosophy in Buenos Aires, and since 2017 he has continued his studies at the Frederic Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. Bober is particularly interested in experimenting with the concepts of silence, space and resonance. His compositions are based on relations between musicians, containing elements of minimalism, free-improvisation, poetry and Fluxus-oriented performance art.