MWW, pl. Strzegomski 2a, 53-681 Wrocław, Poland
Ph. +48 71 356 42 57,
Mon. 10AM–6PM, Tue. closed, Wed.–Sun. 12AM–8PM
CIVILIZATION OF THE AFTER. Vol. 3. Poland – club peripheries? Wrocław Citizen Budget 2015. Social evaluation CIVILIZATION OF THE AFTERPARTY. Vol. 2. Around the cases of Berlin and Detroit The nearest East. A meeting revolving around the book “Jutro spadną gromy” [“Thunders will fall tomorrow”] KINDERTURNEN. The meeting with the author – Patrycja Orzechowska Meeting promoting the guidebook titled “The Wild West. A History of Wrocław’s Avant-garde” CIVILIZATION OF THE AFTERPARTY. Vol. 1. The flip side of the street, or why do we need the clubbing milieu? Art in Context. Space for Research – Space for Experimentation Discussion panel: The Role of the Wrocław Contemporary Museum in Creating Symbolic Capital in the City Palimpsest. Conversations stirred by photographs Crafting a New Judaism: Artists at the Forefront of Re-inventing Jewish Identity Presence, absence, and all that lies in between – artists in the face of Jewish history and life in Poland (Polski) HONKY – spotkanie wokół książki Piotra Skiby TOMASZ SZERSZEŃ – Avant- garde and anthropology THE ANATOMY OF TOWER BLOCKS. VOL. 4 – THE EYEBALL ART FACTORY THE ANATOMY OF TOWER BLOCKS. VOL. 4 — THE SOUNDS OF THE CONCRETE PANELS Word — expression — body in the post — media environment (Polski) Anatomia blokowisk. Vol:3 — Serce i krwiobieg Profession: curator “The DNA of the tower block”

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