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COLOURFULL SPACES education stage I, II, III
Tags: cold and warm colours, spatial composition, blocks

During this workshop we will look at the local scape in an unconventional way. We will transform it by affecting it with a colour. We will see how its mood and character will change by this action. We will look at relations between colour, space and architecture. We will think how these elements are dependent on one another, and whether they cooperate or maybe fight with each other for our attention? We will look at what makes us see some specific elements of a scape. Their colour, forms or maybe both?


During this exercise we will build spatial forms ourselves, using both blocks and colours. In a colourful space of Beautiful Tube we will create buildings which will enter the dialogue with the surrounding unusual space.

The classes last 90 minutes. They consist of two parts: a 30 minutes illustrated lecture and two manual tasks conducted with the support of materials we prepare.

Script and materials: Patrycja Mastej, Joanna Sekuła

Contact: + 48 71 356 42 53