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STORIES OF TRACES education stage I, II, III
Tags: composition in a circle, narration, stain, diversity of expression

In this workshop we will learn to look at traces. They are often hidden, appear in places difficult to access or so obvious we pass them without paying attention. Sometimes artists use these fragments of reality in their works and this way they raise them to the position of art. We will try to look at them closely enough to read stories told by them. What we need for that is patience and acuity. Configurations of traces reveal their meanings gradually and often stay polysemous and mysterious.


We all leave some traces of our presence in our surroundings. During this workshop we will look closely at them and try to describe them and collect a peculiar “lexicon.” Are our traces elements of our identity? Do they help us in self-identification? Do they express our character? In what are they different from other people's traces? We will try to answer these questions during this workshop.

The classes last 90 minutes. They consist of two parts: a 30 minutes illustrated lecture and two manual tasks conducted with the support of materials we prepare.

Script and materials: Patrycja Mastej, Joanna Sekuła

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