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THE CITY OF SIGNS education stage I, II, III, IV
Tags: street art, typography, visual poetry

The signs are everywhere: on billboards, signboards, also on buildings' walls, where they, along with other elements of the wall structure, create typical cityscapes. During this workshop we will conduct a visual dialogue with the walls surface and we will think what its meaning could be. We will look at graffiti also as a means of communication, by which everybody can speak their thoughts out loud.


In a city space we are surrounded by words and letters. The meaning of texts and slogans reaches us, but often we do not realize that the quality of the message is also created by the visual form of signs. During this exercise we will look really close at it. We will try to treat letters as purely visual elements and to build with them a picture that can, but do not have to, have an extra-visual meaning.

The classes last 90 minutes. They consist of two parts: a 30 minutes illustrated lecture and two manual tasks conducted with the support of materials we prepare.

Script and materials: Patrycja Mastej, Joanna Sekuła

Contact: + 48 71 356 42 53