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THE POWER OF GREY education stage I, II, III, IV
Tags: site-specific, grayscale, value in painting and drawing

Does grey reality have to be boring and sad? On this workshop we will look at an ordinary playground and by the use of graphic plastic means we will try to give it a new character and make it a background of a story we will make up.


In what way do pictures work on us? Painters use various means in order to give their works proper expression. A dynamic drawing, complex composition, surprising perspective and colours arranged in a contrasting way – are just some of them. During this exercise we will think whether resigning from one means of expression – a colour – must make the image less expressive. Maybe it will work in a different but equally expressive way?

The classes last 90 minutes. They consist of two parts: a 30 minutes illustrated lecture and two manual tasks conducted with the support of materials we prepare.

Script and materials: Patrycja Mastej, Joanna Sekuła

Contact: + 48 71 356 42 53