What is a garden for and how to deal
with the lack of space for plants in your life?
We are going to think about it during the workshop, and later we will make a slightly different flowerpot. Bring
a friend or two with you. You can take you handmade flowerpots home, put them on the balcony, in your workplace, or any place that lacks greenery in your opinion.

Who will conduct the workshop?

Iga Solecka – a garden advisor and landscape architect. My mission is to make gardens that will satisfy not only their owners’ needs, but also their fantasies and whims.
I dream of a situation when the choice is no longer just between options A and B from a gardening catalogue. Do you want to feel good in your garden? Making it possible does not have to be expensive. It is just a question of changing your approach.


On Friday, 17 June, 2016, at 5 PM.

The courtyard behind Wrocław Contemporary Museum

Admission free

How to find me?
If you want to take part in the workshop, write to me at iga.solecka@gmail.com, or call me on
723 736 146
. You can also find me on www.igasolecka.pl, and on Facebook – as Doradca ogrodowy.