‘Accommodation’ launches a series of exhibitions and educational workshops of Wrocław Contemporary Museum (MWW) within the framework of ‘Self-service Museum’ project. The whole fun is about setting individual views on the building, space and functions of the Museum. The first edition of the workshop took place during a picnic on the occasion of opening of MWW.

In ‘Accommodation’ its participants learn about the functions of particular levels of MWW. The audience is invited to co-design the museum space. The basis of the game is an architectonic plan of 6 levels of the temporary premises of Wrocław Contemporary Museum. Working with the plan, each workshop participant will have an opportunity to draw their own vision of the Museum’s management. This vision can be shaped not only with specially prepared stickers, drawings and color, but also verbally. The boards will also include questions, suggesting ideas and directing at reflections on the functions of a contemporary museum. This makes the game a creative form of a questionnaire and an encouragement to collective ‘furnishing’ the new place with your own vision of art.
‘Accommodation’ is available until the end of September after prior arrangement.
To register for the group workshops, please call us at 509 402 870.