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“ALTHAMER HAPTICALLY” — visiting the exhibition and a workshop 02.03.13–23.03.13 2, 16, 23 marca (soboty), godz. 15.00
Czas: około 90 minut
Liczba miejsc ograniczona, udział bezpłatny.
2, 16, 23 March (Saturdays), 3.00 PM
Duration: approx. 90 minutes
The number of spaces is limited, free admission.

The exhibition of sculptures by Paweł Althamer, which can be viewed in Wrocław Contemporary Museum starting from 15 February, is entitled “Polyethylene. In the darkness”. 38 sculptures have been presented for the first time in Wrocław and for the first time in new circumstances. The space of the former German air-raid shelter is a very specific place. Its round shape, thick walls made of cold concrete, no windows – all this makes darkness, lack of light become an actual co-protagonists of this exhibition. We hope that they will complement each other and “wrap up” the polyethylene figures. We are very curious about all meanings potentially provoked by displaying artefacts in these conditions.

“Althamer Haptically” is an idea of three workshops, during which interested people can take part in an untypical guided tour. There will be an exceptional opportunity to tactually “see” selected sculptures by Althamer under supervision of an art conservator. We offer Saturday afternoons with interesting stories about unusual plastic materials that often become stuff used by artists. The guided tour will be preceded by a short introduction and will end with a play, during which participants will make 3D masks – casts of their faces.

We particularly want to invite visually impaired people together with their carers. The number of spaces is limited. Please book yours via e-mail, specifying the date of the meeting you would like to take part in. The tactual guided tour is for people above 15 years old.
Katarzyna Mikstal
Bartek Lis
Magdalena Skowrońska

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Dzięki uprzejmości Artysty, Fundacji Galerii Foksal, Warszawa i neugerriemschneider, Berlin Courtesy of the Artist, Foksal Gallery Foundation, Warsaw and neugerriemschneider, Berlin
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