We would like to invite all seniors to afternoon meetings with contemporary art. The two-hour classes will include a tour of the exhibition and an exchange of opinions over a cup of tea.

The next two meetings (on 11 January and 8 February) will be devoted to discovering Wrocław Contemporary Museum’s collection. In January, we will visit the permanent exhibition to look at the collection from the point of view of Jerzy Ludwiński, an original curator and art theoretician. During the meeting we will find out how Ludwiński inspired artists and which of his conceptions are still alive in our museum’s thinking about its collection and functioning.

In February, we will tour the Labor Relations exhibition, which is the first presentation of our museum’s international collection. By looking closely at selected works we will be able to examine the surrounding reality through the artists’ eyes. We will also learn about some untypical techniques used by contemporary artists in their practice.

Detailed information about the subjects of future meetings will follow soon.

The assembly point is on level 0, next to the ticket office.

Please inform us about your willingness to participate three days before each meeting at the latest
by email: a.krukowska@muzeumwspolczesne.pl
by phone: 71-356-42-59 or 514 937 971
or in person: in the ticket office on level 0

Admission is free of charge! You are most welcome to join us!

Each meeting can be joined at any time.