Closer to Art. MWW for Seniors
--- May

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Od 09.05.2018 do 12.05.2018

We would like to invite all seniors to afternoon meetings with contemporary art. The two-hour classes will include a tour of the exhibition and an exchange of opinions over a cup of tea.     MAY Dates of meetings: 9.05, Wednesday, 1–3 PM   Can art be selfless? How to interpret the artist’s intentions? Is it always necessary? Magdalena Kotkowska in her work wonders about the comprehensibility of artistic gestures. Inspired by this viewpoint, we will try to think about why contemporary art is sometimes difficult to understand, and whether the viewer is required to have expert knowledge. Or perhaps it is enough to be open-minded and willing to give it a try?     12.05, Saturday, 1–3 PM   The Saturday meeting will be held in the public garden in the green area at the back of Wrocław Contemporary Museum. It will be an opportunity to inaugurate the next season of Art Wastelands, which is the name of Elżbieta Jabłońska’s art project that we have been carrying out since 2014. During the workshop we will begin garden work. There will also be music, grilled sausages and enough time to just lie in the sun. We invite you to take all your family to the meeting. More information about Art Wastelands >>>     Detailed information about the subjects of future meetings will follow soon.

The assembly point is on level 0, next to the ticket office.

Please inform us about your willingness to participate three days before each meeting at the latest by email: by phone: 71-356-42-53 or 514 937 971 or in person: in the ticket office on level 0

Admission is free of charge! You are most welcome to join us!

Each meeting can be joined at any time.

Closer to Art. MWW for Seniors <br> --- May

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