All parents with their children are welcome to join us each Sunday at 1:30 PM. All workshops take one hour and consist of two parts. First, we visit the up-to-date exhibition together and we talk about the works presented there. During the second part of the workshop we take up manual activities that enable everybody to creatively use their awaken sensitivity and imagination.


During the workshop we will pay a visit to the “Roots and Fruits” exhibition, which accompanies the 5th edition of the TIFF festival of photography. We will take this opportunity to look at ordinary and not-so-ordinary photographs in a slightly different way. We will see how the students of the Faculty of Photography of Łódź Film School work with the medium of photography. In the practical part, we will use specially-prepared task sheets to make original collages.

13.09.2015 LOOK NOW!

We would like to invite you to the second workshop accompanying the TIFF festival of photography, whose motto this year is “Poland Now!” The word “now” suggests focus on that which is present, current and up to date. We are going to seize the day, too. Using cameras and mobile phones, we will prepare our own photo story documenting a tour of the museum. We will then watch the effects of our work on a large screen.


During the meeting we will visit MWW’s permanent exhibition – Jerzy Ludwiński Archive. Among the exhibits stored there is a neon light made by artist Rafał Jakubowicz. We will look very closely at it in order to decipher its meaning. We will also look at other neon lights, from Wrocław and elsewhere, and then we will proceed to make our own fluorescent works.

27.09.2015 MAPS OF POETRY

The workshop will provide us with the first opportunity to visit an exhibition of works by Croatian artist Vlado Martek. Some of his works show maps. However, they do not provide objective geographic advice – instead, they resemble visual depictions of his thoughts and ideas that he feels particular about. We will also inspect other unusual maps and then use the technique of collage to combine their fragments in order to create images of our own fantasy lands.

4.10.2015 3D COLLAGE

The workshop part will revolve around the exhibition of contemporary Croatian art. One of the works featured there consists of nine cubes which, if arranged properly, reveal a complete message. We will also look at other examples of artistic puzzles during the meeting, and then we will turn cardboards and hand-made collages into 3D jigsaws.

11.10.2015 TATTOO ART

Taking as inspiration the exhibition of Dr Lakra at Wrocław Contemporary Museum, we will look at a huge variety of tattoos. We will think about the ways people in different cultures decorate their bodies and how they perceive beauty. In the practical part, everybody will have a chance to decorate their body with a (washable) tattoo.


As part of the meeting we will visit the exhibition of Croatian art. Among the works it features is Manfredo Massironi’s piece based on the play of lights and shadows. A similar approach was used by the Wrocław-based artist Jan Chwałczyk in his “Reproducers”. We will inspect them, and later we will make light-and-shadow sensitive objects ourselves.


The Earth hides many meanings. It is a synonym of safety although what lies underneath it is usually associated with the mysterious sphere of the subconscious. The Earth has a huge creative potential, which gave rise to innumerable forms of life. During the workshop we will visit the newest version of the Self-service Museum – an interactive space designed by Patrycja Mastej. This time, we will venture to the hot centre of the Earth and use all our senses to make our own compositions.

All the workshops are free, but please register via: