All parents with their children are welcome to join us each Sunday at 1:30 PM. All workshops take one hour and consist of two parts. First, we visit the up-to-date exhibition together and we talk about the works presented there. During the second part of the workshop we take up manual activities that enable everybody to creatively use their awaken sensitivity and imagination.


Can a colour be touched? Is it possible to feel its temperature with your hand? Having opened Manena Cottin’s “The Black Book of Colors”, we will think whether the colour red seen with our eyes and felt with other senses is equally intensive. Would we be able to describe it in words to somebody who is blind? Does this experience make us see more, better and more intensively? During this Sunday workshop, whose special edition is held under the Books for Looking programme, we will have an opportunity to feel and touch colours.


Colourful fabrics whose patterns are teeming with life are used in many works by Yinka Shonibare. This fabric is called batik, and we will discover its multiple patterns in a painting from the “Fake Death Pictures” series, which is presented in the “Labor Relations” exhibition. During the workshop we will find out what batik is and how it is produced, and after that we will design our own outfits using motifs that appear on fabrics that we usually associate with Africa.


During this Sunday’s meeting, we will talk about the first museums in the world and their functioning. We will ask ourselves why we cannot touch artworks. Or perhaps we can? In the practical part, we will build our own museum of dreams and take it on a tour around the world. Or maybe even further?

23.10.2016 I, THE WOLF

In this workshop, we will face our animal selves. We will watch Pilar Albarracin’s performance “She-wolf”, in which the artist highlights the natural bond between a human and an animal by eating a meal with a wolf. In the practical part, we will put on wolves’ masks and set out on a journey around the museum in order to discover our ferocious animal nature.

30.10.2016 PIXELOSIS

Can digital reality serve as inspiration for making art? We will find out during the next Sunday workshop, when we enter the space of the “Pixelosis” installation in the Self-service Museum series. We will make use of the effect of digital image pixellation, i.e. zooming in so much that the picture appears to be blurred. While playing with the installation, we will make our own picture from small elements – pixels.

Information about future workshops to be released soon.

All the workshops are free, but please register via: