All parents with their children are welcome to join us each Sunday at 1:30 PM. All workshops take one hour and consist of two parts. First, we visit the up-to-date exhibition together and we talk about the works presented there. During the second part of the workshop we take up manual activities that enable everybody to creatively use their awaken sensitivity and imagination.

Are artists interested in politics? If so, what works do they create? Sometimes they present their improved versions of society and state. During the workshop we will find out how they do it. Among the works featured in the exhibition “Black Spring. On Wrocław’s Independent Music Scene of the 1980s” is Karolina Balcer’s piece titled “The Sejm For Everybody.” This young artist makes sejms catering to all tastes and budgets. During the workshop we will also talk about how art can influence politics, and then we will paint a colourful version of the Polish parliament.


How to write down the word “rain” so that it refers to the atmospheric phenomenon it denotes? What about ice-cream? A visit to Stanisław Dróżdż’s exhibition will dispel all doubts. We will find out how to use the meaning of a word to write it down in the best artistic form. In the practical part of the meeting we are going to design our own concept-shapes, which will later be transferred on cotton bags using ink.


Have you ever wondered what other planets look like? Perhaps some places on Earth resemble cosmic spaces? During the workshop we are going to visit Natalia Mikołajczuk’s exhibition “Cosmos: Atlas”. Her photographs show a mysterious, desolate landscape. We are tempted to ask questions about what was ignored or overlooked. Is the story outside the frame equally mystic? We will exceed the frame and supplement some of the pictures with drawings of their wilder, more unexpected parts. It may turn out that the invisible fragments of the photographs show other planets, or even other galaxies.


When is a culture alive? Is it at all possible to say that a culture is dying? What is culture? During the workshop we will raise a number of questions about culture and think if we need to do anything special to be part of our own culture. Then we will pay a visit to the “Black Spring” exhibition. By listening to the voice of young people fighting for freedom, we will see how music – rock, reggae and punk – contributes to the development of culture. In the practical part we will play the role of a punk, trying to imitate his way of walking and dressing in order to see what emotions this complex form arouses. Finally we will write the lyrics of our own songs and present them to the workshop’s audience.

Information about future workshops to be released soon.

All the workshops are free, but please register via: