The “Black vs. White” exhibition features photographs taken with pinhole cameras by members of
the Kruszwicka Club located in Szczepin in Wrocław, and the Grottger Club from Poznań. The young
members of the clubs take photographs of the cityscape that is closest to them: buildings, cars,
streets… However, they abandoned digital cameras and smartphones in favour of shoe boxes and
aluminum tins. By juxtaposing the contemporary subject with non-contemporary photo cameras,
they contrast work in the darkroom with digital processing.

During the event 26th September, we will explain how to make a pinhole camera, show you how to take pinhole
photographs and then develop them in the darkroom.

Plan of the event:
5 PM – 6 PM – vernissage
6 PM – 7 PM – pinhole photography workshop (group 1)
7 PM – 8 PM – pinhole photography workshop (group 2)

The workshops will be run by authors of photographs:
Michał Winiarski (Various Activities Leader, Wrocław)
Sylwia Klag (Wrocław)
Alicja Kamińska (Wrocław)
Aisza Krężołek (Wrocław)
Krzysztof Brudniak (Various Activities Leader, Poznań)

Please send your workshop applications to