#muzealniaki, Wrocław Contemporary Museum, Pan Tadeusz Museum (organiser) and over 20 other Lower Silesian museums and art galleries invite all children to participate for free in special attractions on the Museum Day on 3 June, 2018.


Museum Day for Children
at Wrocław Contemporary Museum

12 noon – 8 PM
Self-service Museum

Spirits of the Forest is an interactive space whose universal character provides extraordinary scope for playing with imagination, irrespective of age. Magnets dispersed on a panoramic surface invite the visitors to create and arrange their own depictions of forest creatures. Moreover, 2D Exhibition Starter, which contains games and exercises on paper, is available for free at the ticket office.

games for children without age limits

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1.30 PM – 3 PM
Sunday Family Workshop
under the motto Art Wastelands – THE GARDEN IN NEW COLOURS

The Museum garden, or Art Wastelands, has recently regained its beautiful appearance, but what it still lacks is this intangible quality that will make the place as special and colourful as the flowers blossoming in it. This is why we encourage the participants in the Sunday Family Workshop to decorate the flowerbeds – grab spray paints and stencils, gloves and facemasks, and off you go! Using street art methods, we will together paint, decorate and beautify the garden.

workshop for children from 4 to 11 years old
prior enrolment required (by 1 June): e.frejus-staniek@muzeumwspolczesne.pl
Detailed information about all the partners of the Museum Day for Children and the programme of events can be found on the website of the Pan Tadeusz Museum and on the websites of the individual institutions. All events held on the Museum Day are available for free, although prior enrolment is necessary in some cases (see the organisers’ websites).

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Pan Tadeusz Museum, Ossoliński National Institute

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