Wrocław Contemporary Museum and the participants of the meetings in the series Closer to Art. MWW for Seniors invite you to celebrate Senior’s Days.
The dance will be hosted by the participants of the Closer to Art series of meetings, who, together with a DJ, will lead the party and prepare refreshments.
We invite all of you who like to have fun to come to the party, irrespective of age.
Schedule of events on Senior’s Day at MWW
— 3–4 PM
Creative workshops inspired by
the exhibition The Practice of Occupation of the Artwork

led by Ewa Frejus-Staniek
* prior enrolment required:
514 937 971 / a.krukowska@muzeumwspolczesne.pl
— 4–5 PM
Tour of the museum prepared by the participants of the Closer to Art series of meetings
Wiesław Banaszkiewicz, Maria Gołębiewska
and Krzysztof Matziol
* Free tickets will be available at MWW ticket office from 3 PM until 4 PM on the event day
— 6–10 PM
Intergenerational dance II
by DJ Sun Miguel and The Seniors: Alina Bachorska, Lucyna Kowalewska
and Małgorzata Rosak