Because rushing through exhibitions is rarely inspiring, we would like to invite you to Slow Art Day. Together we will watch f i v e works selected from the collection of Wrocław Contemporary Museum and the Lower Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts.

In keeping with the idea of Slow Art Day, we suggest a completely different approach to looking at art. On this special day, museums across the world involve art lovers in a tale about a handful of works, which encourages museum-goers to think about the significance of these objects.

Slow Art Day will be celebrated on the first floor of the museum, near Beautiful Tube.

During the meeting we will watch the following video works:
Ed AtkinsThe Trick Brain – 2012
– 16 min. 16 sec.
VALIE EXPORTSintagma – 1983 (2012)
– 17 min. 03 sec.
Mirosław Emil KochInsomnia – 1990
– 12 min. 23 sec.
Agnieszka PolskaOn Forgetting Proper Names, from the series Three Films with a Narrator – 2009
– 3 x 3 min. 45 sec.
Jacek ZachodnyDeath XXI – Fear (Asia) – 2009
– 4 min. 48 sec.

The meeting will have the character of an educational workshop.

On Slow Art Day, you will have an opportunity to have a cup of aromatic tea or coffee.