Slow Food – Slow Art

Slow Art or Slow Food – we exclude neither of them. During this year event we connect both ideas.

The Slow Art movement emerged as a result of objection to this hasty type of consumption of exhibitions. Art lovers decided to slow down and to focus more than a blink of an eye on five preselected works of art during one visit at the museum.

This year at MWW we connect Slow Art with Slow Food, so we have invited guests that will tell us about art and food – among others: Tomasz Hartman (Szajnochy 11), Agata Pałka from Institute of Psychodietetics (Wrocław), Konrad Góra (poet, Food Not Bombs initiative).

Invited guests will guide a tour around the exhibition of artworks displayed in spaces not typical of “traditional” museum. Instead of just telling the story behind the artworks, they will initiate discussion on topics to which art works will be only a flashpoints.

Even if we promote slow tempo of guided tour, we do not give up on physical activity. In easy way art works placed at the different levels of the shelter will enforce us to explore its interior. Without becoming breathless. we will try to inspire ourselves and eat something delicious afterwards.

Vegetarian grill by Food Not Bombs on the „Art Wastelands”, namely in the garden at the backyard of the museum, will perfectly sum up our Saturday meeting.

Free entry.

More about Slow Art Day in Poland: