The last week of the winter holiday at MWW will be full of colourful feathers, gleaming plastic wraps, rustling artificial flowers, and the sound of laughter.
A four-day series of workshops will be based on the “Houses as Silver as Tents” exhibition that will serve as a source of inspiration.

The dream of building our very own hideout will finally come true. It will shelter us from the world so that we can give life to colourful wild horses, dance to melodies composed by ourselves, and gorge on sweets that we have conjured on our own.

We will start Winter Holidays at MWW on Monday 24.02.14 by constructing and flying kites direct from the top of MWW. Adults are also welcome!

The winter holiday workshops at MWW will promote cultural integration by inviting to participate a group of Roma children, who are supervised by the Nomada Association. The workshops will consist of a number of creative activities, including art, dance, music, and cooking (among other things, creating a colorful hideout, baking and eating sweets on Fat Thursday, learning Bollywood dances).

The workshops for children from 8 to 11 years old will be held Monday through Thursday
from 3 PM to 6 PM. Participation is free of charge.
Limited enrolment.

Please send your applications to