During the workshop we assume to undertake an active monitoring and listening of the Szczepin soundscape. The basic category to decode it is the hi-fi notion developed by a Canadian composer, environmentalist and acoustic ecologist – Murrey Schaffer. Hi-fi is a system with a positive relation between the signal and noise, thus it signifies these elements of the soundscape which we recognise as pleasant, relaxing or interesting.
The participants of our workshop will be entangled in an attempt to break through noises, clamour and rumpus, and recovering or cleaving sounds of the hi-fi soundscape quality. To do this we will use the fieldrecording mechanism directed to the selected acoustic properties of the Szczepin space. We will use recorders, dictaphones, various microphones and screens or recycling acoustic filters.The following subjects to be impulses to recover the hi-fi of Szczepin: foodsounds, city animals, bases and surfaces, water worlds and sounds through.
If possible, please take with you your own dictaphones. In your entry please provide information if you have this equipment.
The number of available places is limited (10), please send your entries to b.lis@muzeumwspolczesne.pl until 27 August 2013.
The workshop led by: Agata Stanisz, PhD, the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of Culture at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.