Where does my strength lie?
What is my identity?
How do social relations or the political and economic situation influence my sense of self-confidence and agency?
How to recognise situations when my limits are exceeded?

Sounds familiar?

These are some of the questions posed by women artists at the exhibition States of Focus. They are also questions that often appear in the lives of each of us. We will address them together during the workshop with Lena Bielska.

The starting point for the development process will be the assumption that each of us already has everything that is needed: the potential, strength, certainty of actions and a unique personality. It is socialisation, the process of growing up and experiencing various aspects of everyday life, social relations and the network of socio-economic oppression in which we are entangled that sometimes make us lose our internal strength, sense of agency and decisiveness.

Based on the WenDo, “body to brain” and applied drama methods, the workshop will provide an opportunity to take a few steps forward on the path to finding in yourself what you need most.
We invite those of you who want to find in yourselves the ability to communicate consistently and assertively, to recognise and diagnose situations in which limits are crossed, to react in moments of severe stress and panic, to strengthen self-confidence and to look after your own energy resources.

Lena Bielska – Strength and Development Coach – is a certified WenDo coach, anti-discrimination and Consent trainer, and first degree applied drama trainer. Founder and president of HerStory Foundation, where she deals with herstory and oral herstory, anti-discrimination and multicultural education.
The workshop is intended for adult women.

Limited enrolment on a first-come first-served basis.

If you would like to take part in the workshop, please complete the survey (PL) >>>