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Books for looking 23.04.16–17.04.17

Books for looking is an interdisciplinary project devoted to picture and illustrated books. It is a joint initiative of psychologists, pedagogues, artists
and librarians from Wrocław, which is intended
to sensitise both children and adults to the world
of images. The closest one, not only physically, is
the world of meanings locked inside a book. By establishing a space for exchanging thoughts
and experiences, we would like to unlock it together.

As part of interdisciplinary actions:

▼ we run cyclical open meetings: lectures, open-air meetings, exhibitions and workshops;

▼ we create picture and illustrated book sections
in libraries at universities, schools and kindergartens;

▼ students reach hidden nooks and crannies
in Wrocław with a box of books, a playground
and an idea for a workshop


Schedule of meetings:

IWONA CHMIELEWSKA will talk about inspiration, the importance of emptiness and admiration

▼ time: 23.04.2016 (Saturday), 5 PM
▼ venue: GRAFIT Multimedia Library,
ul. Namysłowska 8, Wrocław
▼ admission free
(the meeting is addressed to (adult) fans / enthusiasts / friends of picture books)


▼ time: 30.05.2016 (Monday), 5.30 PM
▼ venue: Wrocław Contemporary Museum, pl. Strzegomski 2a
▼ admission free
(the meeting is addressed to (adult) fans / enthusiasts / friends of picture books)

Picture Book Lab is a space for free exchange of ideas, inspirations, sharing knowledge and, of course, the rare “gems” of publishing art.

MAGDALENA KŁOS-PODSIADŁO will talk about global trends in contemporary picture books

▼ time: 3.06.2016 (Friday), 3 PM
▼ venue: Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art
and Design in Wrocław, Applied Arts Centre / Innovation Centre / ul. Traugutta 19/21, Auditorium Hall no. 410, 4th floor
▼ admission free

More information about future events will follow soon.


▼ Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design
in Wrocław
▼ Wrocław Contemporary Museum
▼ Faculty of Psychology of Wrocław University
▼ TETKUROWO Katarzyna Bury
▼ University of Lower Silesia
▼ Municipal Public Library in Wrocław

People and institutions willing to cooperate are welcome to contact us!


Zespół programowy: Zespół programowy: dr Bogna Bartosz (Instytut Psychologii Uwr.), Katarzyna Bury (Tekturowo), Magdalena Skowrońska (MWW), dr Magdalena Wosik (ASP Wrocław) Published on:14.04.16 Share: Facebook, Twitter
il. Magdalena Wosik il. Magdalena Wosik
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