Can holidays in Wroclaw be as luxurious as an outing to the seaside or a trip to Africa? Where exactly does luxury begin? Is there any relationship between alchemy and recycling and what actually has art to do with it? We will find out all this in the fourth week of August during LUXUS Holidays in WCM.

A series of holiday activities for school-age children (aged from 7 to 12) will include numerous games and exercises during which we will get to know the artistic output of LUXUS group, which is currently presented on the three floors of MWW. Inspired by artworks displayed at the exhibition, we will spend the last but one week of our holidays in Wroclaw in a creative way.

Starting Monday till Friday, from 11.00 AM to 5.00 PM, we will explore corners of the temporary seat of the museum and collect sounds, develop imagination and improve our manual skills. The Saturday picnic, to which we invite parents together with their children, will sum up the six days of our holiday series of activities.

We are inviting you to LUXUS Holidays! Together, we will build a set for a travel of our dreams and move to fantastic, tropical sceneries. We will also learn about LUXUS artistic techniques – we will decorate plaster confectionery products and print a self-made stencil on the asphalt in front of the shelter. They say that in art dreams become true – we will do our best to make our LUXUS holidays really luxurious!

The activities designed and run by: artists Anna Rymarz and Beata Rojek, Kamil Radek – a musician and an art historian, Zofia Reznik.

The classes are addressed to children aged from 7 to 12. Participation is free of charge. Registration is open until 15th of July. Information and registration: phone: 71 356 42 53 / 516 556 745 or via e-mail:

Join us!
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