Everyone interested is invited to take part in May Holidays in Wroclaw Contemporary Museum that will take place in the courtyard of the bunker at Strzegomski Sq. The opening of the summer season of Club-Museum will be accompanied by workshops for both children and adults.

In the atmosphere of rest, happiness and recklessness we will collectively try to activate imagination and take up artistic action. There are four different forms of games planned that include action with i.a. colour, light, and space. We will also create together a ‘Spring Exterior Installation’.

On the occasion of the exhibition ‘Only a game?’ that is connected to the history of football and presented in WCM since 28.4, the games will be topped up with activities within the special edition of Exhibitions Starter, during which we will present a new point of view on sport, the ball, game and its support.

Those, who are not into sports emotions are invited to bring their own treasures, tiny toys, small souvenirs. It will be possible to see them in a totally different context during the workshops, and to exchange them with other participants.

During the event a music scene and a beer garden of Club-Museum will be open. The music-video artwork by DJ Sysło.