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“Nothing is what it seems”. Integrated workshop 16.11.16 (czwartek), godz. 17:00 (Thursday), 5 PM

“Labor Relations”, which opened this June, is the most recent exhibition prepared by Wrocław Contemporary Museum. On two floors, we present works belonging to our international collection of contemporary art that refer to multiple dimensions of today’s world of labor. During this two-hour workshop, which can be traditionally attended by anybody, irrespective of the kind of disability, we are going to analyse selected works. We will think about what labor is today, what value it has, and what subjects, sometimes very non-obvious, are connected with this notion.
Magdalena Skowrońska – curator of MWW educational programmes, art historian, psychologist
Bartek Lis – curator of MWW public programme, culture animator, sociologist

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"Nic nie jest takie, jak nam się wydaje"
Sensualna podróż po wystawie "Stosunki pracy"
Warsztaty integracyjne

wstęp bezpłatny
obowiązują wcześniejsze zapisy
(do 14.11)
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- winda,
- asysta pracowników/pracownic MWW,
- pomoc w dotarciu do muzeum
"Nothing is what it seems"
A sensual tour of the "Labor Relations" exhibition
Integrated workshop

admission is free of charge
prior enrolment required
(until November 14)
please send an email to:

- a lift,
- assistance of MWW employees in coming to the museum
VALIE EXPORT, "Fragmente der Bilder einer Berührung", 1994, instalacja, fot. © Markus Krottendorfer, dzięki uprzejmości Charim Galerie Wien / Wiedeń VALIE EXPORT, "Fragmente der Bilder einer Berührung", 1994, installation, fot. © Markus Krottendorfer, courtesy Charim Galerie Wien / Vienna Warsztaty w ramach:
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