All parents with their children are welcome to join us each Sunday at 1:30 PM. All workshops take one hour and consist of two parts. First, we visit the up-to-date exhibition together and we talk about the works presented there. During the second part of the workshop we take up manual activities that enable everybody to creatively use their awaken sensitivity and imagination.
The schedule of activities:

2.6 DADA
It is easy to notice that in the exhibition “Magazine LUXUS” are many artworks that affect the viewer by their absurd humor. During the workshop we will disscuss where the absurd in arts come from and what contemporary art does laugh at. We will also learn how to react when at the vernissage artists dress up in the teddy bear costumes and kick up a fuss.


This meeting will be dedicated to art created by people who are not professional artists. During the workshop we will see the exhibition of works by members of the Handicap Association. We will also wonder about a therapeutic influence of artistic activity and we will create untypical psychological self-portraits.


During this workshop we will talk about museums, both these physically existing and these which can be found only in our imagination. We will have a look at an unusual museum created by artists from the LUXUS group, and then we will construct our own miniature galleries.


The workshop will be dedicated to “readymade objects”, which become a work of art due to artist’s will. We will think why it happens. We will also review the perverse ready-mades made by LUXUS group artists, and next we will create exceptional monuments in honour of ourselves.


What does the influence of art involve? During our workshop we will wonder what features of an artwork make it stimulate our emotions and imagination. Maybe we will find an answer to this question by watching pulsating and vibrating with colours pictures by LUXUS artists.

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