From January 2018, the formula of Sunday Family Workshops will be slightly modified – we will be meeting a little less frequently, on three selected Sundays in each month. But there is some good news, too – apart from workshops focusing on exhibitions currently on show at MWW, some of the meetings will be devoted to works stored in the museum’s collection as well as the oeuvre of the most important and recognisable artists. The workshops will always be held at the same time – from 1 to 3 PM. In the summer (June, July, August), the workshops will be held on two Sundays in a month.

The first meeting in the new year will be held on 14 January.

Programme of Sunday Family Workshops in January 2018:

14.01.2018 – the workshop will be led by Anna Nowak. It will focus on a series of Jarosław Grulkowski’s drawings under the title The Secret Life of Molecules. The artist’s exhibition Dice, Clouds, Molecules is currently presented at the museum.

Is it possible to observe chemical compounds, atoms or molecules in the world around us? Of course! Thanks to artist Jarosław Grulkowski we will have an opportunity to touch the untouchable and imagine how to perceive the imperceptible. While visiting the exhibition Dice, Clouds, Molecules we will think about the crucial role of shadow in the artist’s practice and talk about why art exceeds the sphere of the mind and leads us into the fascinating world of fantasy. In the practical part we will make our own molecules and try to bring out their shadows.

21.01.2018 – the meeting devoted to MWW collection will be led by Ewelina Pankowska. The workshop will focus on the publishing activity of the LUXUS group, especially their Luxus Magazine – an art zine made by the Wrocław-based artists between 1982 and 1992.

A bottomless jar of Nutella? A teleporter? Or perhaps of football pitch of your own? What is LUXUS? Does it mean the same to everybody? How about designing your own art magazine? During the workshop we will talk about the practice of the Wrocław-based artist collective LUXUS and pay a visit to the exhibition Concrete Wrocław, which features several works by artists who were also involved in the publication of Luxus Magazine. Later we will make our own unique zines.

The purchase of works for
the MWW collection was co-financed by
the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

28.01.2018 – the workshop will be led by Anna Nowak and focus on the exhibition Concrete Wrocław. Works from the Collection of the Zachęta Lower Silesian Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts. Inspiration for the meeting will be provided by Kazimierz Głaz’s extraordinary work.

During the meeting we will go to the Concrete Wrocław exhibition in order to explore the practice of Kazimierz Głaz, in particular his Expanding Series. The cycle comprises 40 minimalist lithographs, which show two black, gradually expanding rectangles enclosed in frames of varying degree and intensity of colour. The artist’s work is based on the conviction that art must follow spiritual elements and be expressed through a deeply personal and topical language. We will find out what sensibilism means and try to translate the notion into children’s language. In the practical part we will make our own series of works inspired by Kazimierz Głaz’s practice and philosophy.

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