We invite children from 4 to 11 years old and their parents to visit us on three Sundays of February (4, 18, 25.02) at 1.30 PM.
The workshops last 90 min and consist of two parts. At the beginning we all visit an exhibition that is currently showing at MWW and discuss the featured works. After that we move on to the manual part, which is intended to creatively use the aroused imagination and sensitivity.
Programme of Sunday Family Workshops – February 2018:
Is it possible to see something that does not exist? What can we do to see more? During the Sunday workshop we will think about the unstoppable passage of time. We will look at a series of portraits made by Ewa Budnik. They are peculiar works of art, because after a time it turned out that the images slowly disintegrate as the emulsion is absorbed by the foundation. After visiting the exhibition All Thing Visible and Invisible we will find out which photographers used non-silver photography techniques in their work. In the practical part we will make portraits which change their appearance under UV light and reveal their neon face.
The workshop will be led by Anna Nowak.
During the meeting we will pay a visit to the exhibition Spirits of the Forest, which is being shown in the Self-service Museum on the 2nd floor of MWW, and then make our own depictions of forest creatures using mobile magnets. We will listen to a talk about the beliefs of Native Americans, horoscopes used by ancient peoples, and the symbolism of animals. Finally during the practical part we will make contemporary versions of totems of Native American tribes.
The workshop will be led by Ewelina Pankowska.
Let’s think in abstract terms … which means what? The Sunday workshop will be full of inconceivable concepts and seemingly incomprehensible images, but our imagination will rise to the challenge! We will visit the exhibition Concrete Wrocław and delve into the world of Marcin Harlender’s art. His work was aptly described by Lila Dmochowska: “His artistic activity resembles more the way painters from the Parisian Bohemia worked rather than the practice of polite artists from the second decade of the 21st century.” In the practical part we will make our own abstract pictures using the artist’s favourite means of expression: symbols, simple forms and straight lines.
The workshop will be led by Anna Nowak.
Programme of Sunday Family Workshops in 2018 >>>
All the workshops are free, but please register via: edukacja@muzeumwspolczesne.pl