We invite children from 4 to 11 years old and their parents to visit us on three Sundays of March (4, 11, 18.03) at 1.30 PM.
The workshops last 90 min and consist of two parts. At the beginning we all visit an exhibition that is currently showing at MWW and discuss the featured works. After that we move on to the manual part, which is intended to creatively use the aroused imagination and sensitivity.
Programme of Sunday Family Workshops – March 2018:
How many circles can you count in your room? How many do you need to draw a dog? Will you manage to find any in the exhibition Concrete Wrocław. Works from the Collection of the Zachęta Lower Silesia Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts? Perhaps there are lots of them. During the workshop we will together examine artworks which use the motif of a circle, and then we will let ourselves be carried away by fun – we warn you, some genuine masterpieces can emerge as a result!
The workshop will be led by Ewelina Pankowska.
Can a thief render a service to a painter? What happens with an artwork when it gets stolen? How does it affect its value? During the meeting we will visit the exhibition Standby Painter by a duo of artists – Amir Yatziv and Guy Slabbinck, and we will discover the intriguing story of a stolen painting. Then we will assume the role of detectives hunting down stolen masterpieces, and in the end we will together create some of the most important paintings in history.
The workshop will be led by Ewelina Pankowska.
What did our city look like 100 years ago? Does anybody still remember the old Wrocław, which was not captured by the camera lens? Is it possible to talk about something we have never seen? During the Sunday workshop we will focus on Hubert Humka’s exhibition. The artist’s photographs show seemingly natural and ordinary landscapes or cityscapes, but these places hide a secret and “remember” many extraordinary events whose traces are masked by the beautiful scenery or an architectural detail. In the practical part we will play an urban game around the museum. By comparing the contemporary cityscape with old photographs of Szczepin we will try to find forgotten places and listen to legends and stories about the old Przedmieście Mikołajskie.
The workshop will be led by Anna Nowak.
Programme of Sunday Family Workshops in 2018 >>>
All the workshops are free, but please register via: edukacja@muzeumwspolczesne.pl