We invite children from 4 to 11 years old and their parents to visit us on three Sundays of October (7, 21 i 28.10) at 1.30 PM.
The workshops last 90 min and consist of two parts. At the beginning we all visit an exhibition that is currently showing at MWW and discuss the featured works. After that we move on to the manual part, which is intended to creatively use the aroused imagination and sensitivity.
Programme of Sunday Family Workshops
– October 2018:

a museum game at the exhibition The Practice of Occupation of the Work

During the meeting held at the exhibition The Practice of Occupation of the Work (under this year’s TIFF Festival), we are going to put on white gloves, grab magnifying glasses and cards describing the “quest”, and set out to explore the nooks and crannies of the exhibition!
The workshop will be led by Agata Iżykowska-Uszczyk.
21.10.2018 COSMOS IN A JAR
What was special about the Apollo 13 mission? Why hasn’t man been to Mars yet? Are there places looking like cosmos on Earth? During the meeting we will visit the exhibition of Kaja Rata’s photographs titled Here and There, and then carry out a number of chemical experiments – get ready for some razzle-dazzle!
The workshop will be led by Anna Nowak.
28.10.2018 ALONG THE BODY
The workshop will be based on the exhibition Incarnated. Works from the Collection of the Zachęta Lower Silesian Society for the Encouragement of Fines Arts, which will inspire us to use our own bodies as a tool for creative action. By playing with lines and movement, we will reveal the expressiveness hidden in the body, both small and big.
The workshop will be led by Natalia Gołubowska.
Programme of Sunday Family Workshops in 2018 >>>
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