We invite children from 4 to 11 years old and their parents to visit us on three Sundays of November (4, 18 and 25.11) at 1.30 PM.
The workshops last 90 min and consist of two parts. At the beginning we all visit an exhibition that is currently showing at MWW and discuss the featured works. After that we move on to the manual part, which is intended to creatively use the aroused imagination and sensitivity.
Programme of Sunday Family Workshops
– November 2018:

The Sunday workshop revolving around Ella Littwitz’s exhibition And Waters Became Wormwood will take us to the Mediterranean Sea. We will examine its specificity, from colour to composition, and we will learn about two kinds of the latter – static and dynamic. The starting point for artistic work will be provided by three sculptures bearing mysterious titles: 1 066 636 (East), 461 493 (Centre), 38 933 (West), whose meaning we will try to decipher. Deriving inspiration from the artist’s sculptures, we will then try to make our own sculptures from sea-blue paper. The meeting will provide an opportunity to cast a closer look at the Israeli artist’s practice, which is inspired by archaeology, history, botany, culture and politics.
The workshop includes a visit to the exhibition.
The workshop will be conducted by Natalia Gołubowska.
During the second November workshop we will become acquainted with the practice of the Wrocław-based artist Anna Szpakowska-Kujawska, who uses painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture and collage in her diverse work. We will see an exhibition of her works titled Exhausted, which is currently presented at MWW, and find out where some of her other works can be found in Wrocław’s public places. The monumental heads of the eponymous Exhausted will become a pretext for talking about feelings and their representation in artistic practice. During the practical part we will work with clay to make sculptures-portraits of our close ones, which will express happiness, anger, sadness or love.
The workshop includes a visit to the exhibition.
The workshop will be conducted by Anna Nowak.
The last Sunday in November will be an opportunity to learn about Alojzy Gryt, a well known artist and architect from Wrocław whose works can be seen at the exhibition Time – Remains, Fragments, Signs and in public places, e.g. the fountain in the Market Square in Wrocław. The subjects raised in Gryt’s works and the materials used by him will become the point of departure for our artistic expression . Stone, glass and string will become elements guiding us on our way to making original landscapes on stained glass. Inspired by Gryt’s object, we will examine our work from a new perspective.
The workshop includes a visit to the exhibition.
The workshop will be conducted by Natalia Gołubowska.
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