We invite children from 4 to 11 years old and their parents to visit us on three Sundays of June (16 and 23.06) at 1.30 PM.
The workshops last 90 min and consist of two parts. At the beginning we all visit an exhibition that is currently showing at MWW and discuss the featured works. After that we move on to the manual part, which is intended to creatively use the aroused imagination and sensitivity.
Programme of Sunday Family Workshops
– June 2019:

Marcin Dudek’s exhibition The Crowd Man will inspire us to create an original team game, based on very familiar elements. Stadium, ball, stands, players’ outfits – these are just some of the visual elements that we will use during the practical part.
The workshop includes a visit to the exhibition.
The workshop will be led by Justyna Oleksy
23.06.2019 TREASURE MAP
This Sunday Family Workshop will take us on a journey of discovering priceless paintings, hidden at the bottom of our imagination. Working with cartographic maps, we will create unique sketches, using familiar elements of urban space or natural landscapes. The workshop is inspired by Borderline, the main exhibition of the 2019 Drawing Triennial in Wrocław.
The workshop will be led by Sylwia Owczarek (PhD student at the Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław).
Detailed information about the subjects of future meetings will follow soon.
All the workshops are free,
but please register via e-mail:

Please be informed that during the workshops photographs can be taken for the needs of Wrocław Contemporary Museum, which may include the images of people taking part in the classes and images of works made by them. The photographs will be stored in an internal archive documenting the activities of MWW. They can also be used for promotional purposes on the website www.muzeumwspolczesne.pl and in social media (on websites facebook.com/muzeumwspolczesne, instagram.com/muzeumwspolczesne and youtube.com/muzeumwspolczesne). If you do not agree to have your photographs taken, please inform the person conducting the workshops before they start. Failing to provide such information before the beginning of the class workshop is tantamount to granting Wrocław Contemporary Museum consent to use the photographs as referred to above.