Sunday Family Workshops
--- December

Education, Children, Families
Od 12.12.2021 do 19.12.2021

In November, we invite children aged 4–11 with their parents or guardians on two Sundays: 12 and 19 December, at 1.30 PM.

Registration via the application form (pl).

The family workshops are an opportunity to spend time together in a creative way. The subject of each meeting is special and unique, offering a chance to learn new knowledge and skills. Visit us!  

  Programme of Sunday Family Workshops / December 2021:

12.12.2021 / CHASING THE LIGHT / 1.30–3.00 PM

We will together visit Kama Sokolnicka’s exhibition entitled Glare to check how the featured works react to light. In the practical part, we will prepare original "light shows," playing with glowing lights of various intensity and colour. We will catch flashes with the help of mirrors and create moving images!

Workshop led by Ignacy Oboz.  

  19.12.2021 / MACRO AND MICROCOSMOSS / 1.30–3.00 PM

During the workshop, we will talk about how we imagine the universe before we look at Julia Cyryło’s painting entitled Source from the Space Series, presented at the What After / What For exhibition of works from the DTZSP collection. The workshop leader, Magdalena Turzańska, will tell us about her experience of looking through the microscope to see unique micro images of nature that normally remain invisible to us. Immediately afterwards, we will discover the microcosm that surrounds us and document the usually imperceptible dust particles, spots on clothes or grains of sand on the floor.

The workshop is part of the programme accompanying the exhibitions Museum of Anthropocene and What After / What For Works from the DTZSP Collection.

Workshop led by Magdalena Turzańska works at the University of Wrocław, Department of Plant Developmental Biology, Faculty of Biological Sciences. Over the course of more than 30 years of her professional work, she has been involved in both laboratory work and floristic field research, mainly concerning bryophytes in Lower Silesia. In the microtechnical laboratory, she makes microscopic preparations of plant materials for teaching and research. She therefore deals with the world of microscopic images on a daily basis. Photography has always been used to document scientific works and teaching materials, but since 2011, when the seat of Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae was moved to Wrocław, the need for images to be used in the journal emerged, resulting in photographs that were less scientific and more spectacular. The combination of the possibilities of microscopy and digital photography as well as unusual objects has brought remarkable effects.  

  Registration via the application form (pl).

Please sign up for the workshops – the limit for the classes inside the museum is 12 people (max. 5 families).

Please inform us at least three days in advance about resignation from participation in the workshop. This is the only way for participants entered on the reserve list to be able to take part in the workshop.

During the workshop, children are looked after by their parents, who also participate in the workshop activities.

We remind you about the rules in force at the museum due to the pandemic, link to the recommendations page.

Please be informed that during the workshops photographs can be taken for the needs of Wrocław Contemporary Museum, which may include the images of people taking part in the classes and images of works made by them. The photographs will be stored in an internal archive documenting the activities of MWW. They can also be used for promotional purposes on the website and in social media (on websites, and If you do not agree to have your photographs taken, please inform the person conducting the workshops before they start. Failing to provide such information before the beginning of the class workshop is tantamount to granting Wrocław Contemporary Museum consent to use the photographs as referred to above.



Detailed information about the subjects of future meetings will follow soon.

Contact: e-mail: ph.: 71 356 42 53


Sunday Family Workshops <br> --- December

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