How many times have you accidentally cut your finger with scissors, appreciated the comfortable grip of a cup handle, or walked down the stars in the underground passage in ul. Świdnicka and either thanked or blamed the designer?
In our everyday lives, we rarely take the time to think that we are surrounded by more or less successful designs.

During the summer workshops, we would like to introduce young participants (9-12 years old) to the secrets of design.

IMAGINATION: By means of individual tasks, we would like to make the participants aware that any object, from a small item to a building to a city, was designed by somebody, and any design could be REdesigned or substituted by something else, so let’s get down to work – our imagination will help us!

RESPONSIBILITY: There can be no design without taking into account the users’ needs and expectations. A clever designer can improve the quality of life. Let’s make a utopian city, environmentally- and inhabitant-friendly. We will think together and design what life in an ideal city may look like, including people’s outfits and home appliances.

COURAGE: During the workshops, there will be a lot of good fun at the intersection of abstract thinking, imagination and manual skills. The aim of the meetings is not to make standard artworks but to stimulate children’s courage to use means of artistic expression and recycled materials to make prototypes, scale models, and even a functional object that will stay at the museum. As a “side effect” , the children will learn the meaning of mysterious terms such as design, plan, projection, and will become acquainted with Corbusier and Gaudi, among others.

To enroll or for more information please contact:
edukacja@muzeumwspolczesne.pl /
tel. 71 356 42 50
Registration deadline: 11th of July.