In-depth Reception is a warm-up before visiting the exhibition on your own, intended to encourage you to ask questions and carefully look at the featured works. Let yourself savour art and feel free to share your observations and conclusions, however surprising they may be. Unhurriedly, without crowds, with friends or with somebody you’ve just met.

Once a month on selected Wednesdays, our mediators will be waiting for you by works of their choice, ready to discuss them and answer your questions. During the conversations, we will carefully look at the works and think about what feelings and emotions they evoke in us, so that in the future we will be able to explore the museum more consciously and with an open mind.

Martyna Śmiłowska will talk about the work Which Ariel Is Better? presented at Monika Drożyńska’s exhibition Warning! Bad Dog (level 0)

We will try to read the unusual stories emerging from embroidered words, signs and pictures.

Anna Krukowska will talk about Jan Chwałczyk’s Reproducer 400–440, which can be found in the Jerzy Ludwiński Archive (level 0)

We will see how the artist achieved the effect of shadow drawing.

Hanna Ciągło will talk about Franciszka Themerson’s work A Person I Know featured at the Exhibition for You (level 5)

We will find out what emotions the painting A Person I Know awakens in you.

Marta Mularczuk will talk about the work A Tribute to the Triangle presented at Jerzy Olek’s exhibition 1 + 0 = 10. (de)CONSTRUCTION of (non)SENSE (level 5)

We will discover why the triangle deserved special treatment by the artist.

Hanna Ciągło is a third-year student of Cultural Studies at the University of Wrocław, former intern at MWW. She is interested in singing, art and the organisation of cultural events.

Anna Krukowska is a specialist in education and culture at MWW, where she co-organises lectures, debates, tours, concerts and activities involving the audience. She has graduated in Art History from the University of Wrocław. In her work, she is focused on building relationships.

Marta Mularczuk has graduated in Biotechnology from the University of Wrocław, currently she studies Image Communication and Anthropology of Literature at the University of Wrocław. She has been in charge of MWW exhibitions for several months. An enthusiast of design and pop culture discourses, she is interested in cognitive sciences, literature and contemporary art.

Martyna Śmiłowska has graduated in History of Art (BA studies) from the Jagiellonian University. She is interested in contemporary art, especially in performance studies and haptic reception of works of art. She is currently developing her interests during an internship at MWW while simultaneously learning to work with the local community in Centrum na Przedmieściu (CAL).