Social and artistic activities carried out in the district.
For some time on, the Szczepin housing estate has become an important subject of workshops, debates and artistic events held in the Wrocław Contemporary Museum.
Listening to the soundscape, walking at dawn with
a camera at hand or playing with a large-scaled panorama with the photos of the district – these were just a few activities carried out among others during the “Hi-Fi Szczepin. Performative Sound Workshops” or Sensual Szczepin: East/West | Photowalk I & II photo workshops.
The next edition of the Self-service Museum “Szczepin Disenchanted” draws our attention to the creative potential of the estate. Surrounded by a 32 meters-long panorama with photos
of Szczepin,
we will have a meeting during which we will summarise all our hitherto social and artistic activities on the estate and present works created by participants of the “Sensual Szczepin” workshops.
The event will be accompanied by the promotion
of a series of art books about Szczepin “Narrate Szczepin to me”. Both vernissage guessts and participants of the future workshops could describe and illustrate stories documenting their every day life and stories from life on this housing estate
in Wrocław.
Together, we read Szczepin anew!
Free admission