Moving freely in the world of contemporary art is important for several reasons. The humanistic aspects significantly influence the quality of our lives; thanks to them, we adopt moral principles, become creative and broaden our horizons. Art has a therapeutic effect, it teaches us to express emotions and sharpens our senses to perceive our surroundings. When we see more, we can change our reality, improve it by opposing mediocrity.


Children are naturally curious, they ask about what they don’t understand, they are adventurous with art and freely express their feelings. In order to increase their participation in culture, we want to invite them, their parents and teachers to a step-by-step project that will help them decipher works of art, interpret the concept of an exhibition and introduce them to the intricacies of working in a contemporary art museum.


The workshops will consist of guided tours of exhibitions, meetings with artists and museum staff, and creative activities. The formula of each of these events will support the school’s educational programme. As we wish for our project to attract visitors to our museum on a regular basis, we propose the format of an academy, where each young participant will receive a “student book” in which they will collect signatures and stamps documenting their attendance and the knowledge gained. We will sow the seeds for our younger visitors to become adults who are sensitive to beauty and able to consciously consume contemporary art.