Since 9 May, the educational set It Begins in Wrocław has been available to everyone wishing to learn the details of the Wrocław ’70 Visual Arts Symposium, an extraordinary meeting of artists, critics and art theorists that happened exactly 50 years ago. Its three elements – The Symposium in a Nutshell, The Symposium Map and The Symposium Scenarios – were developed to promote the event and spread the assumptions and ideas developed in 1970 among a wider audience.

On 8 June, we will also share the recording of the chat with the creators of the set answering questions about its individual parts and how to use them, in particular how to work with the scenarios in animation and educational activities. The creators of the materials – Magdalena Kreis, Anna Krukowska, Natalia Romaszkan, Małgorzata Rzerzycha-Myśliwy, and Anna Bieliz, the coordinator of the educational activities of the Wrocław 70/20 Symposium working group – will answer all your questions and present activities that can be carried out using the Educational kit: workshops, walks and other projects.

The prepared materials can be very useful in remote education during the current pandemic. The Symposium Scenarios package contains seven scenarios for approximately one-hour workshops, with smaller or larger teams consisting of children and family members (children 7-12 years), youths (14+) or seniors (60+). Each of the scenarios is accompanied by full instructions for carrying out the activities together with the necessary attachments. Despite being intended mainly for one selected age group, the activities can be adapted to the needs of other recipients. The goal of each activity is always practical, involving work on various topics: geometric forms, natural phenomena, issues connected with art, but also with everyday life.

All the materials, available under a free license, can be found at and


The Wrocław 70/20 Symposium educational programme is run as part of two projects: City, Art, People! The 70/20 Symposium years later and The 70/20 Symposium. Programme of educational activities marking the 50th anniversary of the Wrocław ‘70 Symposium. In the second half of the year, we are planning to organise workshops and tours, and for now we are starting the remote action “Breakfasts with the Symposium”, which will actively engage inhabitants of four housing estates in games with art.

Descriptions of all the activities making up the year-long educational programme City, Art, People! The 70/20 Symposium years later can be found on the website of the Ładne Historie Foundation.


Current information on the Symposium 70/20 programme can be found at:

The materials were created to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Wrocław ‘70 Visual Arts Symposium as part of the following projects: Symposium 70/20. Programme of educational activities accompanying the 50th anniversary of the Wrocław ‘70 Symposium and City, art, people! Symposium 70/20 years later implemented by Wrocław Contemporary Museum and Ładne Historie Foundation.

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