We would like to invite you to take part in an unusual workshop – stretched over time. During the two meetings with Tom Swoboda, an artist featured at the Territory exhibition, we will find out our attitudes to places that people create for other species of animals. Following the artist’s example, in a small group we will design and deconstruct the space of the cage in order to visually and functionally reinterpret this notion. The time between the meetings and consultations with the artist will allow our ideas to flourish.

During the workshop, we will look at both the “external” places, where as viewers we can see places created for animals in zoos, and the “internal” ones – at home, where we create the living conditions for our pets.

Our creative statements in the form of hand-made objects, text or movement (depending on the participant’s idea) concerning the design of cages, enclosures in zoos and home spaces for pets will be documented and presented on the website of Wrocław Contemporary Museum.

Before the workshop on 13 February, please prepare sheets of paper or notebook and a pencil or pen.


The number of participants is limited.

Please inform us about resignation at least three days in advance – this is the only way for participants entered on the reserve lists to be able to take part in the classes.

In order to participate in the workshop, you will need a computer with a working webcam and microphone, as well as an internet connection.

You will receive a link to the meeting two days before the workshop.


Tom Swoboda

Born in Upper Silesia, Poland (1972). In 1995–1998, he studied at the Faculty of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. He was a co-founder and manager of the Szara Gallery in Cieszyn in 2002–2004, co-founder of The Underground Art Centre in Clitheroe, UK (2004–2005), originator of Incidents, an international artist-in-residence project (2005–2009, 2021). In 2018, he began doctoral studies at the Faculty of Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. He currently works and lives in Cieszyn, where he co-runs the School of Art and Thinking. He has taken part in numerous collective and individual exhibitions, including The Artist in the Time of Hopelessness (BWA Wrocław); The Germans Did Not Come (Wrocław Contemporary Museum / Kunsthaus Dresden); Draw Me God (Szara Gallery, Cieszyn); Egoinsta (Żory Museum); Permanent Domicile. Symposium of Real Attitudes (Galeria 12, Cieszyn). Participant in the artistic residencies of the Lancaster Foundation UK, North Wales School of Art and Design, Wales, finalist of the Lens Culture Portrait Awards 2018 photo competition, finalist of the Sony World Photography Awards 2018 photo competition.