Is art your passion? Would you like to take part in interesting lessons in a museum, not just in your classroom or studio? Do you feel like experiencing real art and works not instead of looking at them on your computer screen? Learning through fun and contact with art is the most efficient and interesting form! This is why we invite all students of art classes and schools to active tours of temporary exhibition at MWW.

The active tour includes a visit to all floors of the shelter, which is accompanied by talks about the history, architecture and uniqueness of the building. We will see all permanent and temporary exhibitions, and in the end admire the panorama of Wrocław from the roof of the museum. After that the guests will receive quest cards with questions about a selected temporary exhibition (which will also be the focus of the entire visit), whose level will correspond with the knowledge of art students. After the game, in the space of Beautiful Tube, we will together discuss the answers.
The cost of guided tours for organised groups is:
— PLN 80 for tours in Polish,
— PLN 100 for tours in English.
All participants of the tour also have to purchase tickets: reduced – PLN 8, group – PLN 10, normal – PLN 16.
Teachers and group supervisors do not need to pay for the ticket.

Reservations can be made by completing the application form:

A request for an invoice (along with providing the necessary data) should be made when booking the tour dates.

Dates and times:
Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, 12 noon – 4 PM
(the last group can enter at 4 PM at the latest).

71 356 42 53